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The Film Experience Camera Store – One of Canada’s largest inventories of film cameras and film photography supplies.

Free shipping on all orders over $150 except for cameras and lenses

The Film Experience Camera Store shares a building with the Prairie Light Gallery in beautiful Longview Alberta. Our low overhead and volume purchasing allows for very competitive pricing on film, chemistry, accessories and of course cameras and lenses. Our film camera inventory is focused on medium format, large format and professional grade 35mm cameras.


Our camera and lens inventory is constantly changing so cannot be listed online, however our extensive supply of film, chemistry and accessories can be purchased online with reasonable shipping charges throughout Canada.


Sam and Dave Publishing designs, prints and binds photography zines. Zines are an inexpensive way to get your photography in the hands of the public without huge outlays for printing and framing. We will do runs of as little as 30 copies.

Contact Information

Phone Number:  (587) 997-9366

Email Address: prairielightcorp@gmail.com

Store Location: 107B Morrison Road Longview, Alberta T0L 1H0

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